Viva Voce

Artists: Dorian FitzGerald, Alison S.M. Kobayashi, Richie Mehta, Johnson Ngo, Denyse Thomasos, Carolyn Tripp, Jessica Vallentin, Rhonda Weppler/Trevor Mahovsky, Andrew Wright, Robert Zingone

Blackwood Gallery (Mississauga), 2011

This exhibition marks the 40th anniversary of the Art & Art History Program (University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan). Given the occasion, the curatorial method focused on the complex relationships between students and professors, as the participating alumni were selected through recommendations from past and present faculty members.
The Latin phrase “viva voce,” meaning “with the living voice,” is playfully adopted here to highlight the celebratory nature of an anniversary, while making reference to the outspoken professors who responded to the curator’s invitation to participate in the process. It connects to the notion of sharing information by word of mouth, or through reputation. By relying on the experiences of the program’s professors (in keeping with the anniversary date, 40 past and present faculty were contacted for recommendations), the selection process became a collective effort. This exhibition brings the connection between student and teacher to the forefront, underscoring the ongoing support that occurs after graduation, in the transition from student to colleague.

Publication: Exhibition pamphlet, available through the Blackwood Gallery