Therese Bolliger: Four Echoes

Oakville Galleries in Gairloch Gardens, 2009–2010

Since the mid-90s, Therese Bolliger’s practice has focused on the gaps between image and language, between abstraction and representation, and between object and viewer. Four Echoes surveys her recent work, bringing together a selection of drawings and sculptures. Throughout the four rooms of the gallery at Gairloch, Bolliger’s work explored the essence of form, consistently evoking shapes that lie beyond the world of objects.

The word choice “echo” in the title of this exhibition is significant. An echo reaches out from its originating object into space. Untethered from its source, it occupies a tenuous state of existence. Bolliger’s practice is occupied with these fragile spaces: articulating memory’s place between past and present, translating mathematical and philosophical constructs into form, and exploring the outer reaches of the animate. In doing so, she continuously hovers on the line between abstraction and representation, creating objects from the figments of imagination.

Publication: Pamphlet, pdf version available