Circling the Inverse Square

Artists: Adam David Brown, Jessica Eaton, Karilee Fuglem, Marla Haldy, Richard Sewell, Charles Stankievech

Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, 2013–14

Circling the Inverse Square presents artworks that derive from a particularly speculative approach to making work, drawing connections to the intricate processes behind observation and enquiry in physics. The six artists brought together for this exhibition share a scientific state of mind in their systems- and process-based approaches, yet the works they create are not illustrative of scientific principles or theories. Instead, they circle the language, concepts and the aesthetics of physics toward more suggestive ends.

In these works, the boundaries between the individual and the universal are brought to the fore, as they lend form to connections that are usually invisible. The shape of sound, the connection between microscopic pores and star constellations, and our methods for processing the visual world are some of the areas under investigation. Paradoxes and conundrums are often at the root of these explorations, which are just as often humorous and playful as they may be serious and speculative. Here, the methods and edges of human perception are under examination, in ways that often embrace systematic approaches, yet result in sculptures, installations, photographs and drawings that are, ultimately, poetic.

Publication: Available through KWAG or ABC books